26 different collectable vintage fine art NFTs on OpenSea, circa 1994.

The artist Brainbyte started experimenting with digital art in the 80s.
He created his collection titled "Electric Screegin Vohomba" in 1994 using the first natural media tool Fractal Design Painter, an early Sony digital still camera, and some early 3D apps. The pieces are otherworldly, surreal, and abstract, exploring spaces as well as people. The art is unique as it was created at a time when full-color digital fine art was in its infancy, that is why it is considered vintage. Originally shown in galleries throughout the Chicago area as large format prints mounted on foam core. Some of the first highly detailed digital fine art available in the world, kept locked away in the archives since 1994, until now!

Own a piece of true classic digital art history.

What are the perks of holding one of these collectable NFTs?

These 26 fine art NFTs are actual membership tokens in the Brainbyte Metaverse!

You will receive OG Founder and ESV status on the Brainbyte Discord as well as all upcoming NFT projects including the Sunny Side Pup Club 10,000 NFT collection, ad infinitum.

In addition, holders will have automatic whitelist on every whitelisted project in the evolving Brainbyte Metaverse including the upcoming Sunny Side Pup Club 10K NFT collection.
Other advantages will be revealed as the projects continue to roll out.

All original works by Brainbyte created in 1994 when digital art was just beginning.

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