Our work

At the crossroads of tech and creative for over 30 years...

The Brainbyte team has worked on 1000s of projects for globally recognized brands. Prior to blockchain we have worked on marketing content, presentations, videos, games, Websites, and online apps. Our work has been featured on television, theatrical releases, events, concerts, trade shows, conferences, and Times Square screens.

Our goal is to create value through high level engagement, bringing solutions to both B2B and B2C use cases. We've been online since the 80s and developing in the space since the early 90s. Highlights of our project history include:

  • Concert screens for Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, EMINEM, Tim McGraw, and others, including 3D projection mapping
  • Mobile app R&D for Sprint Advanced Technology Group
  • Online platform enabling independent musicians to promote and sell their music to their fanbase
  • Development of the CD+ format for Microsoft and Sony
  • Multiple Windows based video game ideation, development and release
  • 10K generative art projects and additional 1/1 fine art collections
  • State of California "Stop Smoking" PSA sponsored by
    Governor Schwarzenegger
  • Feature films and documentaries released on streaming platforms including Amazon Prime and HBO
  • First Web based sci-fi streaming series starring Rosario Dawson
  • Developing prototype OTT and SVOD streaming platforms for a variety of demographics

Leveraging all our experience, we can now apply blockchain solutions to anything and everything imaginable, that is the true value of new tech. Democratizing our systems, processes, and lives.

Blockchain, AI, VR, AR?
What's up with that? The future, that's all. De-centralized, empowered, democratized, secure, and Earth friendly. Anything can be on blockchain, and probably will be, granting special access, perks, features, true digital ownership which can be linked to physical objects and properties in the real world. The possibilities are truly endless, this space is growing daily by leaps and bounds. No need to be intimidated, we are here to assist you.
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