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What we believe in
Demystifying Web3 which is here and evolving daily. Blockchain, crypto, and NFTs are the future, implement now in a sustainable way.

Brands Our Team Has Worked With


" The work is polished, they always complete tasks on time, and consistently go above and beyond what is required. Also have a rare combination of creative ingenuity, technical know-how, and business acumen. I would hire Brainbyte again without question. "

Mark Heidelberger
CEO of Treasure Entertainment

" Highly skilled and take immense pride in delivering a high-quality product. Strong attention to detail and good instincts as to what works well. When they say something will be done by a certain time, we can trust that they'll deliver. We can also trust that the video will look great. Honest, ethical, and a great team. In the world of remote contractors, this is extremely valuable. "

Barry Epstein
CEO and Founder of Ovation Solutions

" Outstanding editing and managed to take very limited low quality footage and make it into something not only watchable, but entertaining! I nicknamed him the founder of Brainbyte, 'Chef Jeff'. He's very skilled in graphics and his creativity serves him well. He did an amazing job on my project! "

Amy Pickard
Producer/Director "Glenn Tilbrook: One for the Road" (Lead singer and co-founder of Squeeze)

" I have worked with Brainbyte for many years on projects ranging from studio jobs (Disney, 20th Century Fox) to corporate (Motorola, EA). The end result is always the same, superior creative that gets noticed. Brainbyte has the ability to take a project from concept to completion. Jeff, the founder of Brainbyte, is the creative director and the designer/editor, all in one. "

Mark Shockley
CEO and Founder of Evolution LA

" Brainbyte made sure that they had a deep understanding of our project vision, and showed an unwavering commitment to realizing it. Incredibly skilled, easy to work with, and results focused. Their editing seamlessly helped tell our story. I'm lucky to have worked with Jeff, and will do so again at the drop of a hat. I recommend Brainbyte wholeheartedly! "

Dave Grundgeiger
Software Engineer at PKWare and Executive Producer "Staydream"

" Jeff, the founder of Brainbyte, is a brilliant editor whose speed and creativity can not matched by many. As a matter of fact, I would hire Jeff in a heart beat to cut any of my films in the future. His efficiency was simply amazing, we locked a cut of my feature in seven days. Yes, that was a 90 minute feature that sold around the globe on cable and DVD. "

Oliver Robins
Actor in Steven Spielberg's Poltergeist, Producer/Director of "Celebrity Crush"

" We hired Brainbyte when we needed an animation project quickly turned around. They did such a great job we had them work on another three projects, all of which had tight deadlines. They created high quality, creative pieces and were always cognizant of the deadline. I highly recommend Brainbyte and look forward to working with them again! "

Virginia Thomas
Director of Operations for Jellyvision

" I have to say it was a real pleasure having Brainbyte jump on board. Jeff, their founder, is fast, his quality of work is excellent, and he always came to me with solutions instead of problems, which is what every production needs. Brainbyte is a great team and I recommend them fully. "

Alex Reed
Head of Production at TLM Productions

" Jeff is a highly creative and talented editor, animator and visual storyteller. He brought our project to a level that I couldn't even have envisioned.
You can rely on him to deliver a great end product. "

Scott Frankel
Vice President at Hill+Knowlton Strategies | Northwestern Kellogg MBA

Who we are

A decentralized global team of developers, creatives, producers, and leadership. We grow brands into the metaverse by implementing cutting edge technologies empowering imagination and innovation with a green environmentally friendly approach.

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What we do

We assist our clients by taking the complex and making it simple. No need to be concerned with what's going on behind the scenes, we make it happen, for your vital branding and ROI goals. You choose the blockchain, we will develop on it. Solana is more energy efficient, so is Polygon, which means significantly lower gas (transaction) fees compared to Ethereum for example. There are many options available.

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Editing, Motion Graphics, and Animation Reel
Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs?
What's up with that? The future, that's all. De-centralized, empowered, democratized, secure, and Earth friendly. Anything can be an NFT, and it will be, granting special access, perks, features, true digital ownership which can be linked to physical objects and properties in the real world. The possibilities are truly endless, this space is growing daily by leaps and bounds. No need to be intimidated, we are here to assist you.
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